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Jenny from Punta Prima

Posted on 19th November, 2014

Xian an update

Posted on 19th November, 2014

Sadly Xian took a turn for the worse during the night on Sunday and developed breathing problems, which fortunately abated after just 3 minutes or so but on Monday morning we went to the Vet. 

We had to wait nearly an hour but there was just the two of us, no phone, no Ipad to distract me and so I wrapped Xian in a small blanket and cuddled him. He purred and purred and managed to get a paw out and touched my face with it several times.

The Vet said that one lung had collapsed and so he was put to sleep, gently as always, he just drifted away in my arms.

Later an autopsy showed that he had lots of tiny tumours on both lungs, so tiny that they did not show up on the xrays.

He will be buried in my garden in the next few days.






Xian the heartbreaker

Posted on 17th November, 2014




Xian is breaking many hearts, including mine.
He is an elderly boy who I am told once had a loving home but who has now been abandoned and left to die. He has severe health problems. For several months he has been living on the street in Mahon harbour, cadging food around the local supermarket, but now that has closed until next summer. A villa owner, Jill and her daughter contacted me and asked for help for him. they brought him to me and i took him to the Vet.
At first he would eat a tiny amount, but once only, whatever it was he would refuse it a second time. Already underweight at 4 kilos (for he is a big cat) his weight has gone down even more and I am at a loss what to give him to eat - he has had freshly cooked chicken, various kinds of fish, AD food, lots of different flavours of Gourmet and so much more.
He has had blood tests which show a high amount of white blood cells, but good kidney and liver function, his teeth and gums are good and throughout all the examinations he purrs and purrs. When I enter his room he staggers to his feet and purrs and comes towards me but he has lost so much of his musculature.
He is not in any pain since he is on anti inflammatory and painkillers combined.
Four days ago he stopped eating altogether and so I have been feeding him with a syringe and he seems pleased to have the food - I think that he is really hungry but somehow can´t eat or thinks that he can´t.
It was suggested that I give him a stomach protector and I have been doing this now since Friday and he is accepting his food a little better and good news, tonight he has eaten half a tin of Gourmet fish mousse on his own! i am so relieved.
Some people might think, just let him go, and it might come to that but he wants to live so much, so I will keep trying a little longer.

i will keep you posted








Angus goes missing

Posted on 26th April, 2014



Angus goes missing!

In early March Bossy Boots Angus went missing. He has a terrible habit of getting into cars and not just mine, the DHL man knows to keep the doors closed when he brings goodies for the shop and many a night when I am out on the meals on wheels route I have heard a movement and Angus  emerges from the depths of the catmobile. Twice he has lain on the hazard light switch and run the battery down but he is never far away and suddenly I noticed that he wasn´t around. I knew at once that something was wrong. I had had a migraine all that day, Wednesday, and thinking back I hadn´t seen him since Tuesday morning when he was in one of his  other favourite places, a chair outside the front door and I gave him a cuddle.

It was nearly dark, I called and walked down the road, no Angus, by now I was really worried. 

The next day I searched nearby gardens, spoke to neighbours but not a sign. 

After 16 days I was beginning to despair, but still hoped that if he had got in a vehicle and either been let out or got out that he would make his way back.

Then I went into Es Castell, the nearest town, and when I came out of the shop went to the back of the van and as i opened the door heard a "meow"

It was Angus! I picked him up, fussed him and popped him round to my Vet who I think was as pleased to see him as I was. Angus talked without stopping all the way home - a cat who rarely speaks.

How did he get there?  He was outside No 58 where a lady feeds the street cats so he had not gone hungry. If only they could talk

His travelling days are not over though, he is slowly getting back to his old ways and even took Millie with him on a recent outing  - I just don´t see him sometimes amongst all the cages and sacks of food.

I think that Angus is a gentle giant but friends think that he "menaces", certainly the other cats have a certain "respect" and often move out of his way, but I never see him do anything. I sometimes think of having a sort of "nannycam" to see what he gets up to when I´m out. One thing I do know though, if another cat is on my lap and Angus wants to sit there he just sits on top of them.

They didn´t look impressed when I brought him home, a sort of general sigh -oh him again.