Xian an update

Posted on 19th November, 2014

Sadly Xian took a turn for the worse during the night on Sunday and developed breathing problems, which fortunately abated after just 3 minutes or so but on Monday morning we went to the Vet. 

We had to wait nearly an hour but there was just the two of us, no phone, no Ipad to distract me and so I wrapped Xian in a small blanket and cuddled him. He purred and purred and managed to get a paw out and touched my face with it several times.

The Vet said that one lung had collapsed and so he was put to sleep, gently as always, he just drifted away in my arms.

Later an autopsy showed that he had lots of tiny tumours on both lungs, so tiny that they did not show up on the xrays.

He will be buried in my garden in the next few days.






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