20thNovember 2014

Carrot, in pole position by the wood burner, everyone jostles to be here and Carrot again, this time  ignoring the vacuum cleaner.

On the left at home with some of the meet and greet gang, waiting for dinner, and to check out what is in the van - might be traps to clean out. They are always willing to lick them out as there are usually all kinds of tempting goodies - sardines, tuna, roast chicken, ham, yummy

On the right some of the family of stray cats in a house in nearby Santa Ana, sadly the owner of the house, an old lady, died on this week leaving yet another problem. Apart from the kitten we caught and neutered the cats earlier this month (November)



 17th November 2014

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Brenda, one of the house cats.

Poor Brenda is not happy with all the other cats and lives next door in their garden and comes to eat. I always give her a cuddle and try to give her a little treat on her own. On Friday morning to my horror i saw that she had a really bad eye - in fact she has had to have her eye removed. I went to see her tonight and she is making a good recovery. She is behaving herself so well that she is not even wearing a collar. We suspect that she might have caught up in a fight. she will be coming home tomorrow, so lots of love, TLC and yummy food.


These lovely cats are 2  of 5 or 6 cats who have been left behind in a rented villa now that the tenant has left. They are beautiful cats, friendly, young and healthy who are used to company. The actual owner of the house contacted me from England hoping that we can help, which we can, but only up to a point, we can feed them, neuter them if we can raise the money to do it (assuming that they are not already neutered - there are at least 2 females here) but finding them a home, or moving them from there would be very difficult. Tomorrow I will be given access to the garden a key and at least for now put in a feeder which will provide temporary respite.