Meet the locals

All these cats live in the house and garden.

They are all at the house because they have suffered an injury that makes it difficult for them to cope on their own, or the place they came from is just too dangerous to go back to. Where possible it is always preferable to take them back to their colony. Lone cats and cats from private homes never seem to settle as they cannot cope and having learnt the hard way we always have to say "no" to these private cats and try and find a different solution.

Some of the cats come here for the last few months of their life - if we think that they will stay - it depends on the temperament of the cat. We have taken in many sick cats and given them shelter, warmth, good food and TLC. Sometimes cats from one of our colonies comes to stay when they are nearing the end of their life as there is always the fear that they will hide or go away to die.

We also have big hospital cages in a quiet room which can be fitted with a litter tray, liitle house to hide in and a bed so long as they are tame enough to be handled, otherwise if it is a short stay they go into a big cage which can be divided temporarily to allow for litter change etc. and then they be transferred easily to a smaller cage for release.

Visitors are always amazed at how well the cats get on together, there are usually around 35 here, although curently we are up to 50.There is the odd spat  but very few. Some of the disabled cats growl if another comes too close but they are a happy bunch, most of whom love a cuddle and can be picked up.

Our Vet once said "they have nothing to fight about, they have food, shelter and they are all neutered"

If you are in Menorca why not come and visit them on one of our twice weekly open days? you won´t see any sad sites. You can sit and have a drink and get your "cat fix" that many of our regulars come for. you could sponsor a cat, take photos that we can upload to this site.



Please  browse through the  photos below. You can click on any image thumbnail to expand it. We have many more to add so please check back frequently. Some of the cats such as Doris need their own page as they have been through so much.