These are some of the cats that we have helped recently. We nearly always get to hear of them through phone calls to the helpline (0034) 610012628. We have traps and equipment to try to catch the injured cats and a wonderful local Vet, Juan Carlos Perez. We will always save a cat when it is possible and it will have quality of life. Of course it is often impossible to return them to where we caught them - so often it is a the side of a busy road and they have been hit by a car- so they often end up living at the house. Currently we have 3 amputees and a partial amputee. The two youngsters, Smokey and Harry,  scoot round the garden so quickly that you don´t even notice, Doris is more obvious. We also have another cat with a disability, Maisie who had a broken pelvis when she came here 6 years ago. Many of the cats have lost an eye either through illness or an accident. They all cope very well, years ago we rescued a blind cat from the pound, within 2 days she knew her way around the house and garden. That wouldn´t be kind now because we have too many cats for them to manage. When Jessica came we had just 6 cats. Later you will be able to read the lovely story of Teddy in Forever Homes.

Many of our volunteers and associates who live on Menorca also end up with lots of cats living with them, they are just so hard to resist sometimes